Threaded acrylic rod

Threaded acrylic rod

Also known as double-ended studs, they have threads on both ends. vibration-resistant setup studs also known as tap-end and fixture studs, these rods have friction-fit threads on one end to resist loosening and standard threads on the other side for attaching a nut.

Rivet nut, lokman 175pcs metric rivet nut kit carbon steel flat head threaded insert nut assorted in m3 m4 m5 m6 m8 m10 m12, knurled body (rivet nut kit …

Cedar nuts and cedar oilthe fully natural, organic and ecological product of the wild siberia, russia, because its nutrients and other components cedar nuts and …

Online shopping for socket head shoulder bolts / screws. shoulder bolts have a cylindrical, precision-made piece that measures from the bottom of the bolt head to the top of the threaded area known as a shoulder. the threaded section of the bolt attaches the bolt to a pre-threaded hole, while the shoulder allows a pivot point or a revolving joint to be created in a mechanism or linkage.

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